We develop and implement evidence-based initiatives to address fundamental social challenges. In this process, we partner with like minded individuals, organizations and institutions in implementing joint actions. The lessons learnt are packaged, disseminated and implemented by relevant stakeholders. We are implementing the following initiatives.  You can get involved by volunteering or offering technical and financial support.


CARD is devoted to conducting practice based research on monitoring and evaluation approaches, methods and tools applicable in international development. Every four months CARD publishes a research report on current state and practice in monitoring and evaluation.

Climate Change adaptation

Inaccessible information to communities on climatic change trends and looming disasters like severe droughts and floods hinder early response to effects of climate change. Provision of real time information to communities and coordination of response to climate change can be a game-changer in climate change adaptation. CARD being evidence driven, is harnessing climate change data to inform climate change adaptation by relevant stakeholders. The initiative is aimed at generating and sharing climate change information for better decisions and actions on climate change adaptation.

Health and Disease

Health situation in developing countries continue to face challenges due to infectious and non-infectious diseases. After decades of fight against malaria, HIV/AIDS and TB, COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected health care delivery and strained scarce resources. CARD has prioritised mental health as one of the priority areas in health that need urgent attention.

Peace and conflict

Civil wars have made countries remain behind in human development. Research has shown that over 12% of world population are affected by active conflict in 37 countries. CARD has ventured into coming with innovations for peace and conflict trends analysis and establishing partnerships in addressing violent conflict through peaceful means informed by evidence.