At CARD Ltd, we collaborate with various stakeholders including donors, corporations, and development organizations to create and implement monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems, tools, and innovations that produce reliable evidence to prove the effectiveness of their projects. To respond to diverse demands in monitoring and evaluation field, we have created a range of customized M&E products to give organizations a broad spectrum of options based on their preferences and specific needs.


M&E Systems

It involves collecting, analyzing and presentation of data related to their programs and projects using web-based platforms. The systems typically allow users to enter data through web-based forms, store and manage data in databases, and generate reports to support decision-making and program management. At CARD Ltd, we support organizations to develop and adopt web-based technologies designed to enhance monitoring and evaluation processes in the organizations.


A powerful tool that provides a visual representation of data and enables decision-makers to quickly identify trends and patterns. CARD Ltd support organizations in setting up and using dashboard platforms such as Power BI and Tableau. We provide training and technical assistance to help organizations design user friendly dashboards that meet their needs.

Online survey tools

CARD Ltd has developed expertise in using a variety of online survey tools, such as EpiCollect5, KoboCollect, Survey CTO and Open Data Kit (ODK) among others. We support organizations in building their capacity and using these tools to collect data more efficiently and effectively.

Geographical Information System (GIS):

A powerful tool that allows for visualization and analysis of spatial data to provide insights and inform decision-making. Through capacity building, mentorship, and design of GIS tracker, CARD Ltd supports organizations in using this tool to collect, analyze, and display data based on their locations. We also publish GIS maps that display trends and patterns on current issues of public importance.

Social network analysis (SNA):

It is used to map out and analyze the structure of relationships within a network, including the patterns of communication, flow of information, and social support to identify key actors and influencers within a network, understand power dynamics, and develop effective strategies for collaboration and communication. CARD Ltd provides support to organizations in conducting social network analysis, interpreting the results, and using the findings to inform program design and implementation.

Social media metrics

By tracking metrics such as followers, likes, shares, comments, and click-through rates, organizations can understand how their social media content resonates with their audience and adjust their strategy accordingly. Additionally, sentiment analysis can be conducted to measure the overall mood and perception of the audience towards the organization's work. At CARD Ltd, we support organizations to optimize their social media presence and increase their impact.