CARD partners with donors, corporates and development organizations in developing and using monitoring, evaluation, and learning systems to generate sufficient evidence to demonstrate value for money and effectiveness of their work. To meet diverse needs on monitoring, evaluation and learning in international development, CARD has developed a set of tailor-made products giving one a wide range of choices depending on preference and needs.


It is a dynamic and technology based monitoring and evaluation system that upon its completion will solve 80% of challenges faced by development organizations. It is expected to be complete by December 2022 culminating into a mobile application.

Mentorship program

It is a comprehensive and practical program aimed at impacting monitoring and evaluation skills to beginners and young professionals in international development. It is offered through online, residential workshops, field practicals and internship. It takes a period of 3 months. Register here

online course on monitoring and evaluation

This course is a self administered with course materials available online. The course is open to everyone who is interested and will get certificate after successful completion of the course. Register here

Geographical information system for monitoring and evaluation

Geographical Information system (GIS) is a computer-based software that collects, analyses, and displays data based on their locations. In relation to monitoring and evaluation, CARD supports generation of geographically referenced data at a regular intervals to show performance of a project. CARD supports organizations through capacity building, mentorship and developing GIS based tracker. CARD produces and publishes GIS maps regularly to display trends and patterns on one to three current issues of public importance. View


CARD is the convener of a loose network of local organizations committed to developing their capacity, sharing and learning on monitoring and evaluation in different sectors of international development. CARD has produced an annual calendar for LOMnet events that include online learning events, trainings, brown bag meetings and online forums. Join


CARD organises various strategic monitoring, evaluation and learning trainings for practitioners in international development. The training is conducted for 3- 5 days in the month of March, July and November every year at affordable cost. Applications are done a month before the actual training dates. Check out for the next training and book in time.

monitoring, evaluation and learning-outsourcing

Most of the organizations do not have enough resources to employ an internal monitoring and evaluation person. CARD has developed a cost-effective product called MEL easy. The organization contract CARD which in turn hires a MEL personnel to conduct MEL activities. The personnel can either be assigned to the organization or make visits based on MEL workplan.


In this era of virtual and online engagement, the international development has taken full advantage of technology just like other sectors in human development. Technology especially social media has revolutionised social engagement among target audience spread across different and distant geographical locations. This has come with a challenge for development organizations on how to effectively conduct monitoring and evaluation. CARD comes in handy to support development organizations in use of social media metrics and remote data collection tools to show the effectiveness of their work.