Centre for Analytical Research in Development Limited (CARD Ltd) is a premier monitoring and evaluation consulting firm in the Global South. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, the firm offers reliable monitoring and evaluation services for Civil Society Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Faith-Based Organizations across the globe.

CARD Ltd was established with the sole mission of “supporting organizations in measuring progress and tracking impact” in all sectors of international development. CARD Ltd is founded on the idea that organizations in the Global South should use context-specific and culturally acceptable monitoring and evaluation tools to steer evidence-based development, rather than relying on generic, traditional, and top-down approaches. It is devoted to charting new frontiers in the application of innovative, emerging and flexible approaches to developing simple and effective monitoring and evaluation systems.


In its operations, CARD Ltd generates evidence that delves deeper into social intersections in complex systemic contexts and tries to uncover patterns that tell a complete story of the systemic change brought about by the work of the organizations. In undertaking its operations, it pulls together relevant stakeholders, seeks their contributions and insights into the processes, and closely monitors and maintains the delivery of quality results. CARD Ltd has undertaken several initiatives for various organizations including practical community research studies, participatory situation analysis, all types of surveys, project evaluations, assessments, case study development, trend analysis, and capacity building in matter monitoring and evaluation in different sectors of international development.

CARD Ltd envision a future where, ” Every organization has a robust and rigorous monitoring and evaluation system that keeps everyone informed and happy with social impact of their investments”. This type of M&E system supports generation of sound evidence that stimulates action among individuals, community groups, organizations, and institutions and guide them in carefully designing and implementing home-grown and innovative solutions to current social challenges. Using participatory approaches, CARD Ltd facilitates long-lasting empowerment and sustainable application of evidence among organizations social transformation. CARD Ltd is managed by a lean executive team and a pool of qualified and experienced associate experts in community development, humanitarian aid, conflict prevention, peace and reconciliation, governance, preventing violent extremism, youth and women’s engagement, strengthening civil society organizations, community security, and climate change, among others.

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