We are devoted to research and innovativeness to find practical,
affordable and high impact solutions to social challenges.
We make every endeavour to discover simple, better and different
ways of transforming people’s lives positively.
All our operations are discharged in an honest and transparent way.
Doing the right things right without compromise is our legacy.
Commitment We are committed to providing value-based services and innovations
that have large scale, reproducible and sustainable impact
in people’s lives.


Centre for Analytical Research in Development Limited (CARD Ltd) is a premier monitoring and evaluation consulting firm in the Global South. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, the firm offers reliable monitoring and evaluation services for Civil Society Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Faith-Based Organizations across the globe. CARD Ltd was established with the sole mission of “supporting organizations in measuring progress and tracking impact” in all sectors of international development. CARD Ltd is founded on the idea that organizations in the Global South should use context-specific and culturally acceptable monitoring and evaluation tools to steer evidence-based development, rather than relying on generic, traditional, and top-down approaches. It is devoted to charting new frontiers in the application of innovative, emerging and flexible approaches to developing simple and effective monitoring and evaluation systems.

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Our Focus areas


Through participatory monitoring approaches, we implement ground-breaking and practical action research initiatives aimed at addressing fundamental social challenges in the Global South. In this process, we partner with like-minded individuals, organizations, and institutions to implement and track joint actions, identify lessons learned and best practices, and use them to drive

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Strategy And Program Development

CARD Ltd supports organizations in developing high-level plans that outline the direction and actions to be undertaken in order to accomplish desired outcomes for programs and the organizations. Using teams of experts and employing a participatory and all-inclusive process, CARD Ltd accompanies organizations in analyzing the current situation, setting goals,

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Monitoring Evaluation & Learning Hub

At CARD Ltd, we collaborate with various stakeholders including donors, corporations, and development organizations to create and implement monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems, tools, and innovations that produce reliable evidence to prove the effectiveness of their projects. To respond to diverse demands in monitoring and evaluation field, we have created

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